Did you Know? You can reset your vehicles computer by performing a can-bus reset?

September 21, 2020

Did you Know? You can reset your vehicles computer by performing a can-bus reset?

When you program your vehicle for new upgrades many times the vehicle itself will need to “reset” so it is able to accept the new programming.

Normally this is something that would happen overnight by leaving the vehicle locked, and left alone for several hours, and is referred to by the Dealership as a "sleep cycle"

By performing a can-bus reset you can actually force the vehicle to reset when you need it to, instead of waiting overnight so you can enjoy your new upgrade or feature sooner.

The process is very simple, and we even have a video to assist you which you can find a link to below! (POINT DOWN)

So, let us unlock your vehicles potential.

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Our Genie programmer has been under development since late 2014 and officially launched in 2016.

Several technicians and engineers here at OBDGenie.com put forth the effort to create a low cost and easy-to-use vehicle programmer.

We plan to focus initially on all domestic "big 3" vehicle manufactures to enable options/features that were available from the factory. Customers no longer need to battle with their local automobile franchise dealer to enable a feature.

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