Audi Daytime Running Lights Programmer

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This product allows several Audi owners the ability to program their vehicle for custom daytime running lights.  Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes.  Simply plug this OBDGenie programmer into your vehicle's OBDII port (under your steering column).  The programmer will enable the Daytime Running Lights feature on your vehicle's computer just like it would from the factory.

Vehicles equipped with Quad or non-projector headlights will have the marker on low power activated.  All other headlight's side-marker DRL circuit will be active.  Not only is this feature safe but it also gives the vehicle a really great look during the day.



  • Dedicated to Your Vehicle for Life! Your OBD Genie programmer works like an insurance policy, as it is dedicated to your VIN. Even if you deactivate your daytime running lights, you can use your Genie to re-activate them anytime.
  • Ensure Compatibility! Please include your vehicle's 17-digit VIN after adding the OBD Genie programmer to your cart to so we can ensure it is the perfect fit. Also view the compatibility chart below.
  • Fully Engineered & Built in the USA!


    • 2018 Audi A6
    • 2018 Audi Q5

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