Chrysler LED Lighting Upgrade Programmer

$ 99.99


This product gives compatible Chrysler owners the ability to program their vehicle for LED mode.  Installation is easy and takes only a few minutes. By using this programmer to convert to LED mode, you will not receive the "Bulb Out" DTC.



  • You will need a Bypass Module! 2018+ Chrysler vehicles have a security gateway. You will need the 2018+ FCA Bypass Module to program your vehicle with this OBD Genie Programmer. For more information, visit our Bypass Install page here.
  • Make Sure You Have the Parts Before You Buy! LED headlights are NOT INCLUDED with this purchase. If you do not already have these headlights, please contact our team at 
  • Dedicated to Your Vehicle for Life! Your OBD Genie Programmer is dedicated to your vehicle's VIN number. Even if you deactivate the features you installed, you can re-activate them anytime.
  • Ensure Compatibility! View the compatibility list below and locate your vehicle type. Likewise, please include your vehicle's 17-digit VIN at checkout so we can ensure it is the perfect fit for you.
  • Fully Engineered & Built in the USA!



  • 2010-2021 Chrysler 300
  • 2010-2016 Chrysler Town & Country
  • 2011-2021 Chrysler 200

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