OBDGenie Application

Instructions for the OBDGenie App


Follow these steps:

  • Log-in to your OBDGenie application on your phone or pad.
  • Get into your vehicle and put into ACCESSORY mode.  The Engine will NOT be running.

          *For vehicles with a key start, just turn key to accessory mode.

          *For vehicles with a push start, simply push the button once WITHOUT having your foot on the brake.

  • FORD vehicles ONLY - The vehicle must have the engine running.
  • Make sure you do not start any vehicle in a closed environment such as a garage.
  • Insert your OBDGenie into the OBDII port.
  • Now your phone or pad is connect to the OBDGenie and the application is ready to be used.
  • Enjoy!


LIABILITY (PLEASE READ!): THE VEHICLE DRIVER MUST ALWAYS KEEP THEIR EYES AND ATTENTION ON THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES. In some states it is illegal to have a video viewable by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. It is your responsibility to know and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. By purchasing and installing any system or product from obdgenie.com you hereby agree that obdgenie.com, its owners, employees and affiliates cannot be held liable for any accidents, fines, tickets or misuse of its products which may result from the driver’s distraction. Use of any product should be limited to and is intended solely for passenger entertainment and off-road use only. If the unit is sold to a party other than the original owner, it is the previous owner’s responsibility to provide this disclaimer in writing to the purchasing party. obdgenie.com, defined as ‘sellers and resellers’ are in no way responsible for any damage or malfunction, which may occur to your car and/or your car’s electrical system by installing our systems or products.