Ford Engine Stop/Start Programmer F-ESS


Released Q2 2018 - This revolutionary product allows several Ford owners the ability to program their vehicle to disable the Engine Stop/Start feature. Installation is a breeze and takes only a few minutes. Simply plug this Genie programmer into your vehicle's OBDII port (under your steering column). The programmer will disable the Engine Stop/Start feature on your vehicle's computer permanently, no more fiddling with the dash button.


2016-Present Ford F150

2016-Present Ford Expedition

2019 Ford Ranger


  • Engineered in the USA
  • VIN Locked OBD Programmer - Designed to be used in one vehicle only. Contact us if you would like this programmer unlocked for up to 15 uses/vehicles. 
  • Customizable - Contact us if you would like several different options on one programmer. (A discount will be provided for multiple options on one programmer)


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