How the OBDGenie Programmer Works

At OBDGenie, we’re focused on empowering wholesalers and consumers to maximize the potential of their vehicles – without the expense and hassle of having to rely on factory dealerships.

How to Us Your Genie Programmer

Watch the video below to see how to use your OBDGene programmer.

  1. Turn on the Vehicle Ignition
  2. Plug the OBDGenie into the OBD Port
  3. Wait for the green light
  4. Remove the Genie and store it

Need Detailed Instructions?

Click one of the links below to get detailed installation instrucions for your programmer.

Why Do I Need a Security Bypass?

Depending on your vehicle, you may need to install a security bypass. But Why?

In the video Doug Indrunas, a vehicle programming guru and owner of, explains why you need the security bypass on certain vehicles. He'll also explain what it does.

Important Videos

The videos below provide some additional information to get the most from your OBDGenie Programmer.

How to Perform a Can-Bus Reset

Save Your Genie for Later

Vehicle QR Codes

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