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Raymond Faircloth

OBDGenie GM Navigation Upgrade

"In my 2021 chevrolet silverado i purchased it new like two months ago and it literally had everything i wanted on it except for one thing that was factory navigation i thought i'd be happy with the apple carplay or the android auto apple for me but it was not the same as having the factory nav built in so I started searching and looking for a way that i could add it and i found that through obd genie you can see it right here and I got this in the mail within a week of ordering it and followed the directions that came with it and literally within two minutes i had factory navigation"

Joseph V.

RAM LED Reflector Headlight Upgrade Programmer C-HDL

"I've upgraded my headlights from Halogen to the midrange OEM LED reflectors. I've looked at several other products like harness with resistors, and another OBD product that requires software/hardware. OBDgenies C-HDL worked perfect and it took minutes to go from blue light to green light. This was my second OBDgenie and they rock!! Thanks to David and Mary for the help"

Douglas C.

Chevrolet Non-Navigation to Factory OEM Navigation GPS

"This is a great product and the install is simple. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because the install procedure was not clear, and maybe that varies by vehicle. I found 3 different videos that each had slightly different procedures, so that was a bit confusing. For my 2021 silverado 2500 I had to start the truck, plug the genie in, and then insert the sd card when the light turned green. Once I found the correct procedure it only took a minute to complete. Works great!"

Bassem H.

GM VIN Clear "Theft Unlock" Programmer

"I use to have base model radio 4” then I upgraded for the 8 inch radio but I had to change all the harness all the modules then I went to the dealer they said they can’t unlock it because on the actual vin for the suv when they program it they can only see software for the old base model and on top of that I bought this car from they Auction they don’t work on salvage car I thought that I’m stuck but I did my research and I found you guys honestly at the beginning I thought it’s joke or something but then I have it working in 5 seconds!"

Matthew M.

GMC Rear View Camera Programmer

"Simple and easy solution to add camera to my dump truck. Dealers blew the required programming off some chose this route. A little pricier than I would like to see, but I’m sure my clients feel the same way when I send them a quote."


RAM Sirius Travel Link for UAQ/S Programmer

"I followed the included instructions and it took me less than 10 minutes to install on my 2021 Jeep Wrangler, with a UAQ 8.4in radio. A horn beep was my indication that the C+STL had finished programming. Works great."

Sidlong L.

RAM Power Folding Mirrors Programmer

"This is a great product. Will be greater if more detailed instuction is provided. It triggered my check engine light, which went away automatically any way. But it did make me nervous at the beginning. Thankfully, the customer service was helpful and responsive."

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