What is a Security Bypass Device & Why Do I Need it to Program My Vehicle?

The Universal Key to the FCA Security Gateway

Why Is There A Security Gateway?

Beginning with model years 2018 and above Chrysler - Dodge - Jeep - RAM - Fiat vehicles are equipped with a new device called a security gateway module.

The purpose of this module is to prevent CAN bus hacking over the 3G or LTE network. OBD Genie temporarily utilizes this bypass to allow for the enabling of a feature or vehicle upgrade.

Why use our bypass?

Works on Chrysler, Ram, Dodge, and Jeep.

Our bypass will allow you to bypass security on all of these vehicle makes

Works with any programmer. Not just ours.

Once installed the bypass allows for vehicle programming

Purchase it once and use it forever.

You will be able to continously use the bypass after purchase

Listen to one of our tech experts explain how to use the bypass.

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You shouldn’t have to go to the dealer everytime you want a new feature, or install a vehicle upgrade.