Oct 19 , 2020

Wil Bradley

Did You Know? How GM Trim Package Functionality is Programmed?

Did you Know? How Trim Package Upgrades are Programmed?

Remember in our last Did You Know video, we talked about your vehicle’s computer, and how it affects operation.

This week I’m going to give you an example of how car dealerships use computer programming to their advantage.

In most 2020 GM vehicles you have the option of adding GPS navigation capability. If you have the “IOS” option code, your GM vehicle won’t have that feature.

If your 2020 GM vehicle has an option code of “IOU”, you willl get both the HD Radio and GPS Navigation. When you upgraded your trim package, you paid extra for the better radio right?

Not exactly.

It doesn’t matter which option code you purchase, the vehicle has the same radio installed. The manufacturer or dealer simply enables Navigation for vehicles with the IOU option code.

In fact, once you enable the functionality, there’s no need to change the antenna, because a GPS antenna has already been installed.

All they do is reprogram the vehicle to enable functionality—like we talked about in our last episode. Our OBDGenie DIY programmer does the same thing.

The difference is only the cost.

So instead of purchasing that high end trim package with all the options, why not go the route where you can design your vehicle YOUR way for more than half the price.

At OBDGenie we offer programmers that can add or adjust functionality for many manufacturers.

Take a moment to see what features or functionality we offer that can add value to your current vehicle.

So, let OBDGenie unlock your vehicles potential!

So, let us unlock your vehicles potential.

Have any questions? Give us a call!

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Our Genie programmer has been under development since late 2014 and officially launched in 2016.

Several technicians and engineers here at OBDGenie.com put forth the effort to create a low cost and easy-to-use vehicle programmer.

We plan to focus initially on all domestic "big 3" vehicle manufactures to enable options/features that were available from the factory. Customers no longer need to battle with their local automobile franchise dealer to enable a feature.

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