Did You Know, The OBDII Port Is A Very Important Part Of Your Vehicle?

Oct 02 , 2020

Wil Bradley

Did You Know, The OBDII Port Is A Very Important Part Of Your Vehicle?


Did you know, since 1996, you could communicate with and program your car's computer?

That's when the OBD-II port became a standard on vehicles. Most people probably didn't even know it existed, let alone what it does.


This port is usually located under the dash, near the steering column and provides a way to connect with the vehicle's computer.

Let’s just say your check engine light turns on, the vehicle's computer told it to do so. When you take it to the mechanic, they will connect a computer via cable to the OBD-II port.

Using specialized software, that technician can download the specific information that caused the error. They can also turn the dash light off once it's fixed.

The OBD-II port can be accessed to perform various tasks, such as emissions tests, diagnostics and engine tuning.

The OBDGenie programmer plugs into your OBD-II port, and automatically programs your vehicle. It’s that simple, no cables and skip that trip to the dealership.

So, let us unlock your vehicles potential.

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Our Genie programmer has been under development since late 2014 and officially launched in 2016.

Several technicians and engineers here at OBDGenie.com put forth the effort to create a low cost and easy-to-use vehicle programmer.

We plan to focus initially on all domestic "big 3" vehicle manufactures to enable options/features that were available from the factory. Customers no longer need to battle with their local automobile franchise dealer to enable a feature.

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