Did You Know? Understanding Your Vehicles Computer

Oct 09 , 2020

Crystal Indrunas

Did You Know? Understanding Your Vehicles Computer

Did you know your vehicle’s computer isn’t just a computer? It is a network of computers called Electronic Control Units.

Did you know your vehicle’s computer isn’t just a computer? It is a network of computers called Electronic Control Units.

We view our cars and trucks as a collection of mechanical systems. These systems work together to move the car or cool the interior or turn on the backup camera when the car gets shifted into reverse.

In the modern automobile, pressing the accelerator pedal communicates with the Transmission Control Module, which in turn tells the transmission exactly when to change gears.

There's also an Engine Control Module (ECM), Body Control Module (BCM), Powertrain Control Module (PCM), General Electronic Module (GEM) and many others.

Each of these modules manages their specific mechanical systems and each ECU also communicates with other ECU's.

Why communicate? Communication among ECUs leads to better performance by your vehicle.

When the ECM increases speed, the transmission module knows how to do this while using as little fuel as possible. The Suspension Control Module (SCM) will adjust to provide a more comfortable and safer ride.

The control module would communicate via this central backbone, and manage individual parts and systems more directly. This setup prevented the need for all the wiring to connect the thousands of parts.

Engineers used a network topology called CAN Bus. They chose CAN Bus because it allowed individual ECUs to connect easily, only required one central wiring system to connect all systems, continued to work even if an ECU failed and provides a protocol infrastructure that enables very fast communication.

Understanding how your car works, will help you better understand how to keep it running at peak performance. It also helps you understand what needs to be done when something doesn't seem to be doing it's job.

It also helps you become a more informed consumer when purchasing accessories for your vehicle. Before you go out and add a bargain radio or touchscreen, you now understand the importance of knowing how it can alter the way your car works.

So, let us unlock your vehicles potential.

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