Did you Know? You can Disable Your Vehicle's ESS?

Dec 15 , 2023

Wil Bradley

Did you Know? You can Disable Your Vehicle's ESS?

Engine Stop-Start (ESS): Friend or Foe?

The humble acronym "ESS" might not raise an eyebrow at first, but in the world of modern cars, it can spark heated debates. We're talking about Engine Stop-Start (ESS), the fuel-saving feature that turns your engine off at red lights and restarts it when you press the gas. While some drivers swear by its eco-friendliness, others find it jerky and annoying. So, let's dive into the world of ESS and see if it's a friend or foe in your automotive journey.

The Green Side of ESS:

  • Fuel Efficiency Champion: This is ESS's biggest claim to fame. By cutting out unnecessary idling, it can save you up to 5% on fuel, especially in city driving. Imagine that – saving money while saving the planet, one stoplight at a time!
  • Emission Buster: Less fuel burned means fewer nasty emissions released into the air. So, ESS gets a thumbs up for contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

The Not-So-Green Side:

  • Jerky Restarts: Some drivers find the engine restarts to be rough and jarring, especially in stop-and-go traffic. This can be unsettling and even nauseating for some passengers.
  • Battery Blues: ESS relies on a powerful battery to quickly start the engine repeatedly. This can put extra strain on the battery, potentially shortening its lifespan.
  • Wear and Tear: Critics argue that the constant starting and stopping puts additional stress on the starter motor and other engine components, leading to increased wear and tear.

To ESS or Not to ESS?

The decision ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and driving habits. If you're a city dweller who prioritizes fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness, ESS might be your buddy. But if you value smooth driving and worry about battery life and engine wear, you might prefer to keep it disabled.

The Good News: Most cars with ESS offer a button to disable it, giving you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the fuel-saving benefits when you want them and opt for a smoother ride when you don't.

    Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of ESS:

    • Keep your battery healthy: A strong battery is crucial for ESS to function smoothly. Get it checked regularly and replaced if needed. 
    • Adjust your driving habits: If you find the restarts jerky, try to anticipate traffic lights and coast to a stop rather than slamming on the brakes.
    • Give it a chance: If you're new to ESS, give it some time to adjust. You might find that you get used to the restarts over time.

    Did you Know? You can Disable Your Vehicle's ESS?

    Newer vehicles come with a feature known as ESS. That stands for Engine Stop Start. This feature turns off your vehicle's engine while idling for extended periods.

    Automakers designed this function to help meet more stringent fuel and emission standards. While there's lots of debate whether or not ESS really helps, many drivers simply find it annoying. Especially on extremely hot or cold days, because your climate control system turns off with the engine. That could mean an uncomfortable cabin for passengers and pets.

    That's why we created a Genie programmer to safely turn off this feature without the use of a button, every time you start the car. With the OBDGenie ESS programmer, you program your car to turn this feature off. No wire cutting or disconnecting. And from that point forward you don't have to remember to push the "Off" button, to disable your vehicle's ESS.

    Ultimately, ESS is a well-intentioned technology with both pros and cons. Whether you embrace it or hit the "off" button, remember that it's there to help you save fuel and contribute to a cleaner environment. So, keep an open mind, experiment, and find what works best for you and your car!

    So, let us unlock your vehicles potential.

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