Did you Know? You can Disable Your Vehicle's ESS?

Sep 25 , 2020

Wil Bradley

Did you Know? You can Disable Your Vehicle's ESS?

Did you Know? You can Disable Your Vehicle's ESS?

Newer vehicles come with a feature known as ESS.

That stands for Engine Stop Start. This feature turns off your vehicle's engine while idling for extended periods.

Automakers designed this function to help meet more stringent fuel and emission standards. While there's lots of debate whether or not ESS really helps, many drivers simply find it annoying.

Especially on extremely hot or cold days, because your climate control system turns off with the engine. That could mean an uncomfortable cabin for passengers and pets.

That's why we created a Genie programmer to safely turn off this feature without the use of a button, every time you start the car.

With the OBDGenie ESS programmer, you program your car to turn this feature off. No wire cutting or disconnecting.

And from that point forward you don't have to remember to push the "Off" button, to disable your vehicle's ESS.

So, let us unlock your vehicles potential.

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Our Genie programmer has been under development since late 2014 and officially launched in 2016.

Several technicians and engineers here at OBDGenie.com put forth the effort to create a low cost and easy-to-use vehicle programmer.

We plan to focus initially on all domestic "big 3" vehicle manufactures to enable options/features that were available from the factory. Customers no longer need to battle with their local automobile franchise dealer to enable a feature.

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