2018+ Security Gateway Bypass Device

$ 49.99


2018+ Security Gateway Bypass for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram 

This device is required to program 2018 and newer Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles. 

All vehicles built by FCA (Stellantis) after the year 2018 have a security gateway module which protects the vehicle’s computer from being hacked. Our Bypass Device connects the wires between the security gateway module and the vehicle’s computer. Security is then deactivated, and the OBD Genie can be installed.

This device can be used with third-party scanning tools. However, if you are attempting to program your vehicle using the Bypass Device with an OBD Genie programmer, please remove all third-party devices from the vehicle while installing the OBD Genie. All third-party devices can be plugged back into the vehicle after installation.

The only function provided by this device is bypassing the security gateway module. No programming or software downloads are performed by this device. 

The Bypass Device does not allow customers to communicate with the ECU of their vehicle, only the BCM.



2018-2023 Chrysler
2018-2023 Dodge
2018-2023 Jeep
2018-2023 RAM



  • We have TWO different bypass modules that can be utilized.  C-MODBYP & C-INTBYP. The C-INTBYP ("pigtail") is best for HD vehicles.
  • You can use on multiple vehicles.  The bypass module can be used on any FCA 2018+, it is not VIN dedicated. 
  • THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE RETURNED.  Since there is no software with this product, and it simply "Bypasses" the Security Gateway, there are no returns.  
  • International Vehicles: OBD Genie products are designed for vehicles made in the United States. However, certain international vehicles can still use our products. If your vehicle was made outside the United States, please reach out to support@obdgenie.com before purchasing.

  • Not a Maintenance Item. This product is not a maintenance item and will not fix a broken vehicle. If your vehicle is broken, either in its hardware or computer system, please contact your local dealership or mechanic shop.



Simply locate your security gateway module and disconnect the two plugs. Connect the two plugs into the bypass device. Then, follow the instructions on your OBD Genie programmer and wait for the green LED light to appear. Once the feature is confirmed operational, you can remove the bypass device and connect the security gateway module just like it was from the factory.



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