Jeep Paddle Shifter Programmer (Includes Bypass Module)

$ 179.99



This product gives 2018-2022 Jeep Wrangler JT/JL owners the ability to enable Paddle Shifters smoother transmission shifts and easier towing.  Paddle Shifters offer more control to help you manage your engine speed & RPM.  Paddle Shifters allow for convenient downshifting and can even extend the life of your brake pads. 

The OBDGenie Bypass Module is included with this product.



  • Connect your Genie to the OBDII port.
  • Now connect your Genie to the OBDGenie App and follow the easy steps.
  • Install your software to your vehicle straight from your phone.
  • Check out other items your vehicle is compatible for and enjoy free downloads.




  • Additional Equipment May be Required. Paddle Shifters are NOT INCLUDED with this purchase. If you do not yet have these Paddle Shifters, please contact our support team at and we will refer you to where you can purchase these.
  • SAFETY!  Paddle Shifters allow you to shift gear while holding the wheel without having to move your hand to the gear lever, making the change safer and quicker.
  • Great for Off-Roading.  Allows drivers to be in control while going up and down steep terrain.
  • Bypass Module included. 2018+ FCA vehicles have a security gateway. You need the 2018+ FCA Bypass Module to program your vehicle with this OBD Genie Programmer. For more information, visit our Bypass Install page here
  • Dedicated to Your Vehicle for Life! Your OBD Genie Programmer is dedicated to your vehicle's VIN number. Even if you deactivate the features you installed, you can re-activate them anytime in the OBDGenie App
  • Ensure Compatibility! View the compatibility list below and locate your vehicle typeIn the OBDGenie App, the Genie will filter exactly what features you can install in your vehicle.  View the compatibility list below and locate your vehicle type. Likewise, please include your vehicle's 17-digit VIN at checkout so we can ensure it is the perfect fit for you. 
  • Fully Engineered & Built in the USA!



  • 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JT/JL
  • 2018+ Jeep Grand Cherokee

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