Jeep Off Road Pages Programmer

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This product allows compatible Jeep Gladiator JT and Jeep Wrangler JL owners the ability to program their vehicle for the "Off-Road Pages" application. Installation is a breeze and takes only a few minutes. 



  • You May Need a Bypass Module. 2018+ FCA vehicles have a security gateway. You will need the 2018+ FCA Bypass Module to program your vehicle with this OBD Genie Programmer. For more information, visit our Bypass Install page here
  • Dedicated to Your Vehicle for Life! Your OBD Genie Programmer is dedicated to your vehicle's VIN number. Even if you deactivate the features you installed, you can re-activate them anytime.
  • Ensure Compatibility! View the compatibility list below and locate your vehicle type. Likewise, please include your vehicle's 17-digit VIN at checkout so we can ensure it is the perfect fit for you. See product photos.
  • Fully Engineered & Built in the USA!



  • 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT 
  • 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL


    • Unplug the two connectors that are plugged into the gateway module (behind knee bolster) and plug into the included C-MODBYP gateway bypass device. The bypass device MUST remain installed for the Off Road Pages to function.  Do NOT remove the Bypass Module once installed.
    • Turn the vehicle to the run position and insert the included C-ORP programmer into the OBDII port.
    • When the green LED illuminates remove the C-ORP programmer and stow away. Done!

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